Payam HUB

Hub with Amazon Alexa + Home security camera + Homeautomation

  • Raspberry Pi Model 2 B+
  • “TurkBurk” – Custom
  • Jabra Speak 510
  • SD-card 30 GB
  • Power supply 5v3


  • motioneye –
  • Amazon Alexa –
  • Python-script 
  • VPN

Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2

To get IP camera to work:
For the URL of the IP camera it references the page that embeds streaming images from the camera video rather than just the image on its own.
Looking at the source HTML it seems a browser can stream the image on its own with the URL of:


Another way to setup motioneye with ip camera use:
Found out you can access the DCS-935L JPG and MJPEG streams directly at the camera’s IP:


These URLs are cool because you can connect to them directly in apps, or in a browser (like Chrome or Firefox on your phone):

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol – Can be played in VLC Media Player):

H.264 RTSP Streaming (Port 554): rtsp://<username>:<password>@x.x.x.x:554/play1.sdp
MJPEG RTSP Streaming (Port 554): rtsp://<username>:<password>@x.x.x.x:554/play2.sdp

Spary it black and letting it dry for a day.

Use screen for running processes in background

We will install the screen command on the Raspberry Pi if you do not have it yet.

sudo apt install screen

Then, to use it, type…

screen bash

It will open another terminal instance. You can now start a process you want to be able to leave running and reconnect to later. For example, downloading something with get_iplayer.

Final result:

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