Dyson Pure Tower – review

We are many who suffer during the spring months. Enclosed in crowded warm homes with a pollen allergy called dew. In other words, an air purifier that cleans the air from pollen and other airborne harmful substances sounds very interesting. Not least for the inner city man, as many of today’s models also clear away harmful substances from traffic and industry.

Dyson’s new Pure Cool Tower will do just that. This combined fan and air cleaner should effectively clean and cool the air. In addition, it also has an associated app that lets you control the fan remotely and keep air quality statistics at home.

Easy installation – apart from the app
Mounting the air cleaner itself takes a few minutes. Pure Cool Tower uses both carbon and HEPA filters, and both are easy and easy to mount. It is only when we come to the software that we encounter patrol. It takes several attempts over several days before we successfully sync the fan and app due to “network issues”. Without the network, the functionality is extremely limited, as the included remote control only offers a fraction of the functions that the app does.

Pure Cool Tower offers the features that anyone may need. Homekit and Google Home support had been the last touch on the i-th to make this air purifier an integral part of the smart home. Besides that, we lack a little better cooling effect, a better functioning app and a significantly lower price tag.

The Pure Cool Tower can also monitor temperature and humidity, so you can survey whether you have a comfortable environment. Note that VOC readings tend to increase in hotter temperatures.

There’s no CO2 measurement on the Dyson Pure Cool Tower, which can be a useful metric to determine when a room needs its air to be refreshed.

The app controls where the air flow goes and can be scheduled on day/week/month.

Dyson Pure Tower – Amazon Alexa integration

As well as app control, Dyson has an Alexa skill. Using your voice you can turn the purifier on or off, set fan speed, Night mode or Auto mode, and ask for the current air quality reading or temperature. Noticeably, two options are missing: enabling oscillation and changing the direction of airflow.

The skill works well and can be faster than reaching for the app or remote. However, it would be nice if the fan appeared as a smart home device. That way, you could – for example – automatically turn the Pure Cool Tower off with an Alexa routine. It would be nice to see Google Assistant support, too.

The fully enclosed filter system combines an activated carbon filter to remove gases with a borosilicate glass HEPA filter that captures 99.95% of microscopic allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 micrometers.

  • easy to use,
  • easy to clean and change the filter,
  • excellent data read-out,
  • simple remote,
  • automatic monitoring and operation,
  • scheduling,
  • rapid cleaning, doubles as a fan
  •  expensive,
  • can be quite loud when pushed,
  • may not complement your decor

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