NINEBOT ONE S2 by Segway – Review

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Ninebot One S2 now has the unique blanket design that lets you free your imagination by letting you customize your wheel with creativity labels, graffiti, color, it’s your choice. Ninebot One S2 provides thousands of dazzling light effects, which can be set as required via the Ninebot app on your smartphone and also displays the battery status with different colors.

The electrical components of the Ninebot One S2 are hermetically sealed giving IP54 protected protection against harsh environments such as rain and clay and will withstand 15 ° slopes, narrow roads, gravel surfaces, rugged surfaces and grass.

New to Ninebot One S2 is double battery compartment which means that it is equipped with two batteries, one on the left side and one on the right. The S2 still works on just one battery if it fits your speed and mileage requirements. On a single battery, the maximum speed is 18 Km / h with a maximum mileage of 15 Km and brings the weight down to about 10.5 kg.

Smart Battery Management System (BMS) monitors the status of each battery cell to minimize errors that ensure that the battery is safe and secure. The functions work in conjunction with a power shut-off mode that contains an alarm function.

The output power of the Ninebot One S2 engine can reach 500W and with Ninebot’s advanced sine wave inverter technology, the maximum speed increases with an impressive 24 km / h. Imported high-speed batteries can take you to 30 km. The wheel body is narrow at only 18 cm thick.

Smart S2 management can be achieved by connecting S2 to the phone via Bluetooth where you can see the driving conditions, Dashboard, Vehicle parameters, Diagnose errors and Configure custom settings and perform firmware updates. There is also a social network including riding partners and rankings plus a beginner’s tutorial.

Bildresultat för ninebot one s2 segway


  • Engine: 1 x 500 watts nominal (max 1 x 1000 watts)
  • Certificate for Motor: CCC, CE
  • Maximum speed: 24 km / h
  • Charging: 30 km
  • Max angle up / down slope: 15 °
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg
  • User height catch: 120 cm – 200 cm
  • Estimated charging time: 4 hours
  • Weight: 11.4kg
  • Measurement data: L: 419 mm x W: 182 mm x H: 448 mm

Make: The rules for using electric recreational vehicles on public roads vary from country to country. But in Sweden it is run via cycle paths. Because Ninebot One S2 is an electric vehicle, I advise you to use it under dry conditions and not on sand or dusty surfaces.’

  • Really nice product
  • The app is really good
  • Fast

  • Expensive
  • Takes a while to run it
  • Need protection otherwise it will get damaged

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