Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro – Review

One of the biggest realisations that the Xiaomi Mi Purifier 2S provided was that dangerous pollutions levels don’t just come from outside. Cooking and spraying bathroom cleaners will cause the PM2.5 levels in your home to sky rocket!

After frying some food in oil, the invisible particles in my kitchen have risen into the 400-600 range.


GeneralBrand: Xiaomi
Type: Air Purifier pro
Other informationsCADR(Clean air delivery rate):500m3/h
Application area:35m2~60m2
Screen:OLED display
Wireless connection:WIFI module 802.11b / g / n
Global voltages supported: AC 165V-240V
SensorsLaser particle sensor, Light sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor
FunctionsAutomatic mode
Light sensor
OLED display
Sleep mode
Child lock
Favorite mode
Wind speed regulation
CompatibilityAndroid, IOS
Performance1. 500m3/h CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is higher than the international standard for measuring air purifier effectiveness. Rigorous tests are performed using dust, second-hand smoke and pollen to calculate the rate of clean air delivery per unit of time. The higher the CADR, the more effective the purifier.2. 35m2-60m2 Recommended effective area: Effective area is based on the CADR and may be affected by factors such as room height and plot ratio.
Purifier standard: Effective area = CADR x (0.07-0.12)
Dimesion & WeightProduct size 735mm x 260mm x 260mm
Weight:Approx.9.7kg total weight (includes filter)
Package contents1x Air Purifier
1x Filter
1x User Guide/ Warranty card
1x Power cord

Good hardware inhibited by badly configured software!

  • + Stylish
  • +Not so extremely loud (Compared to my old one)
  • + Good move
  • + Simple software, works well
  • – Uselessly configured software
  • – Auto mode always goes to minimum mode. One should have to live in the 19th century London for this to react.
  • – The manual mode turns itself off after a few hours. Completely spotty. Do you want it at the maximum position when you are at work? The only way is to put in automatic control that awakens it and puts it in maximum mode every two hours. Should be at home one day, you have to deal with this to shut it down.

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